Be one of Our Goalies

We get a lot of questions about folks wanting to sign up for net for this event. And WE LOVE IT!! We always welcome new goalies. Here’s the scoop on what it takes to join our team -


This is first and foremost a charity event above all else. Each of our goalies commits to raising a minimum of $500. Yes, minimum and yes, five hundred dollars. This can come in the form on direct donations, ticket sales, sponsorship, whatever you can think of - the main goal is that whatever you bring in must benefit the charity or event in some way.


Our goalies have skaters who want to score on them, or, at least people who are willing to show up and give it a try. Generally, we reach from within the community for folks who already have somewhat of a following, or are willing to put in the work to get a following.

a sense of humor

This is key. You are “the talent.” As part of that, ya gotta have a sense of humor. This is not your standard showcase. Our goalies are here to make sure folks face a good challenge, AND also have a good time. As one of our goalies, you may be subject to any manner of “upgrades”, chirping, and just general shenanigans. Ya gotta be able to hold your own know when to egg folks on, and when to back off.


As a member of our goalie team, you may be asked to be one of our feature goalies at the intermission rematch during a Seattle Thunderbirds game on the day of the main RMHC Hockey Challenge.


If you’re a skilled goalie - great. If you have never thrown the pads on before - ALSO GREAT!! Every year, we have room for at least one “rookie” goalie. “Rookie” is defined very loosely for us. You can be “rookie” in that you’ve never been one of our goalies before, or you can be “rookie” in you’ve never strapped the pads on before. We are willing to help SUIT YOU UP in gear, provided you meet all the previous criteria.


Join us

HOw Can I donate?

If you cannot make the event itself, but would still like to support the Ronald McDonald House, you can still donate. We will always accept donations that require no pucks be harmed. :D

How can I volunteer?

This entire event is run with the support of generous volunteers. We would love to have you join our team. Contact us for more information.

What else can I do to help?

We are always looking for prizes and other support for the event itself. Contact us to find out more.