About the event

How does it work?

It’s a hockey carnival! Just like a carnival where you can go to the different stations all carnival, you can do the same here!

Donations are made in exchange for pucks or chances to try the various skills stations we will have set up at the event. Donate to reserve your tickets at

Buy tickets based on whatever stations you would like to try. Want to do all breakaways? Get the “All Breakaways” package. Want to try a little bit of everything? Get the “Starter Kit”. Come check out one station, or check them all out! More info on pricing here.


What group does this event support?

100% of your donation and ticket price goes directly to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington & Alaska.

How does 100% of my donation and ticket price go to RMHC? Really?!!

Thanks to our amazing partners, sponsors, volunteers and supporters ALL COSTS associated with running this event have been donated. This enables us to make sure ALL (yes, 100%) of your donation goes directly to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Where and when is the event?

August 17, 2019 starting at 5:00 pm to 8:00pm.

Sno King Ice Arena Kirkland
14326 124th Ave Ne, Kirkland, Washington 98034


Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

While you can get tickets on-site on the day of the event, we encourage folks to donate ahead of time. We will be running multiple promotions and discounts for packages purchased in advance.


You can show up anytime between 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Locker rooms will be open starting at 4:30 pm if you want to change.

Depending on how many stations you would like to visit, you should plan to be there for at least one hour.

Do I need equipment?

We recommend you bring helmet, gloves, skates and stick.

  • Helmets are highly recommended. We may have some for loan at the skate counter, but recommend you bring your own if possible.

  • Skates. Bring your own or borrow from the rink. If needed, skates can be available at the rental counter at rink entrance.

  • Hockey sticks. We will have a selection of sticks of varying heights available on-site.


It depends on the station.

  • We will have the option for donors to walk directly onto the ice for the goalie vs. skater station.

  • For the accuracy station, no skating or hockey experience is required as station is off-ice.

  • For all other stations, we recommend participants be able to skate.


Absolutely! Anyone old enough to put skates on is welcome to participate in any of the on-ice skills stations. We also have off-ice activities such as corn hole and photo booth as well. Spectators and supporters of all ages are also ABSOLUTELY always welcome.

IS there food?

Yes. There will be sports concession type food and drink. Supplies will be limited based on projected headcount. Buy your tickets early to help us make sure there is enough food!


Yes. Perfect opportunity to go grazing the drink / food station(s) or check out off-ice activities.


No. Ice for this event is reserved for skills stations only.


Yes. Sno King Ice Arena Kirkland has a free parking available.

Join us

HOw Can I donate?

If you cannot make the event itself, but would still like to support the Ronald McDonald House, you can still donate. We will always accept donations that require no pucks be harmed. :D

How can I volunteer?

This entire event is run with the support of generous volunteers. We would love to have you join our team. Contact us for more information.

What else can I do to help?

We are always looking for prizes and other support for the event itself. Contact us to find out more.


Be one of Our Goalies

We get a lot of questions about folks wanting to sign up for net for this event. And WE LOVE IT!! We always welcome new goalies. Here’s the scoop on what it takes to join our team -


This is first and foremost a charity event above all else. Each of our goalies commits to raising a minimum of $500. Yes, minimum and yes, five hundred dollars. This can come in the form on direct donations, ticket sales, sponsorship, whatever you can think of - the main goal is that whatever you bring in must benefit the charity or event in some way.


Our goalies have skaters who want to score on them, or, at least people who are willing to show up and give it a try. Generally, we reach from within the community for folks who already have somewhat of a following, or are willing to put in the work to get a following.

a sense of humor

This is key. You are “the talent.” As part of that, ya gotta have a sense of humor. This is not your standard showcase. Our goalies are here to make sure folks face a good challenge, AND also have a good time. As one of our goalies, you may be subject to any manner of “upgrades”, chirping, and just general shenanigans. Ya gotta be able to hold your own and laugh off most of what comes your way, know when to egg folks on, and when to back off.


As a member of our goalie team, you may be asked to be one of our feature goalies at the intermission rematch during a Seattle Thunderbirds game on the day of the main RMHC Hockey Challenge.


If you’re a skilled goalie - great. If you have never thrown the pads on before - ALSO GREAT!! Every year, we have room for at least one “rookie” goalie. “Rookie” is defined very loosely for us. You can be “rookie” in that you’ve never been one of our goalies before, or you can be “rookie” in you’ve never strapped the pads on before. We are willing to help SUIT YOU UP in gear, provided you meet all the previous criteria.


More questions?

Ask away!

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