It started with just skater vs. goalies (breakaways and stationary shots). This year, we are adding individual skills challenges. Try your skills at one or more of the stations available. Unless otherwise noted, all skills stations will include a time component.

For skills stations, we recommend participants ages 3 and up.

Basel Cellars presents -
Skater vs. Goalie

Face goalie and attempt to score a goal (check out the video). Decide each of the following:

  • which goalie to light up

  • stationary shots or breakaways

  • what upgrades to apply, if any. It’s always more entertaining with upgrades.

For each goal scored on them, goalie will donate $5 per goal to RMHC.

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bosk brew Works presents -
Fastest skater

Skate around the ice. All other on-ice activity stops during this skill. Go fast, like the scouts are really there this time!

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Additional stations


[Off-ice station] Shoot puck through a series of targets in any order. It’s almost like facing a goalie, but without chirping, or moving, or really anything other than blocking part of the net. Still challenging though! See what you can do.

Tiebreaker will be fastest time. If leaders are still tied based on time, they will go to face goalie for tiebreaker.

Hardest shot

Speed of shot into net as measured with radar. It’s much easier to measure if the puck goes into the net.

Puck control

Stay on your skates and keep control of the puck while skating the path. Avoid cones if possible.

Stick handling

Same as puck control, but this time, the path is relatively straight.

UPGRADE your game

Face the goalies one on one, or even the playing field - with a few “upgrades.” :)

Additional Activities

In addition to the hockey stations, we will also have the following stations for off-ice activities. Note that these stations are not associated with any prizes.

  • Corn hole

  • Photo booth - photos will be posted to SmugMug. Password is #breakawaysRMHC