Back when it all began


It all started when…

Two long time Hockey Challenge captains sat down to brainstorm new and creative ideas to raise awareness and funds to as part of the bigger Hockey Challenge to raise money and awareness for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington & Alaska (“the House”).

After much ribbing back and forth, it came down to a dare - suit up in goalie gear for the first time. See if anyone would donate for the chance to light the newbie “goalie” up. To sweeten the deal, for any goals scored on the newbie “goalie,” the skater would get a free breakaway chance against a more experienced goalie. The two goalies would donate money for any goal scored, whether against the newbie or the experienced goalie. Winners would get the chance for a rematch against the experienced goalie during first intermission of the Seattle Thunderbirds game on the day of the main Hockey Challenge.

Much to the goalies’ chagrin, the event was much more popular than expected. The goalies sold out the first time slot and had to add a second time slot to face all the pucks purchased.

New goalies and Upgrades added

Each year, we up the ante to make it more interesting for the goalies and the skaters. We add new goalies into the mix, and new ways to make it harder and harder for the goalies to defend their nets, offering skaters the chance to donate for upgrades, including options like:

  • Goalie must wear an eye patch

  • Goalie must wear 3D glasses

  • Goalie must use a two goalie sticks (no catching glove)

More goals means more donations, more laughter, more ribbing and ultimately more nights where families can continue to stay closer. To date, thanks to our team and the great support from the local community, we have raised over $42,000 to support the House, just lighting up goalies.

This year - Skills statioNS!!

This year, we are adding skills stations! In addition to lighting up our our crew of goalies, skaters and non-skaters can also showcase their individual hockey skills.