Pricing & Package options


Starter Kit - $25

With this package, you can choose one of the following:

  • Three (3) breakaways AND one (1) upgrade. Upgrade can only be applied to a single breakaway.

  • Five (5) stationary shots AND one (1) upgrade. Upgrade can be applied to all five shots.

  • Skills Starter package

    • Includes a chance to try each skills station, including one (1) breakaway


Build Your Own Skills Challenge - $50+

With these packages, you choose your own combination of skills stations and upgrades.

  • Rookie - $50

  • Pro - $100 (includes 15% in bonus attempts)

  • All Star - $150 (includes 20% in bonus attempts)

  • Stanley Cup - $250 (includes two free upgrades per breakaway)


Wait… I gotta try that again - $5 - $10 (Add-on)

For those who didn’t want to upstage any of their buddies on the first attempt, we hear ya. We have a special add-on option. For $5 and up, you can try, try again.

Note: This option only valid when combined with one of the package above.

Retry these stations for $5 each

  • Fastest skater

  • Stick handling

  • Puck control

  • Accuracy (includes 5 pucks)

    • If all of first 5 attempts go in, sudden death up to 5 attempts

  • Hardest shot

Retry for $10 each

  • Skater vs. Goalie (each attempt includes one free upgrade)


Showcase your skills. All the stations are belong to you!

UPGRADE your game

Face the goalies one on one, or even the playing field - with upgrades.