Face a goalie with breakaways or shots from a stationary location on the ice - pfft, been there, done that! Now you can upgrade your fun by choosing from the options below.

As one of our goalies put it, an upgrade “hinders the goalie, but doesn’t completely eliminate the chance to make a save.” So, lay ‘em on. There’s still a chance. Plus, all the goalies knew what they were signing up for. :D

We can also tailor upgrades to meet your needs. Just ask the station manager!

Breakaways are penalty shot style, where goalie generally starts on the goal line and does not leave crease until skater touches the puck. Puck must move continuously towards the goal once breakaway begins.

For stationary shots, ya gotta be stationary. No mini-breakaway action.

When facing Any goalie (including “Rookies”)

What can donor use?

  • Regular pucks (included, no additional tickets required)

  • Emoji balls

  • White pucks

  • Blue puck (included, only available to age 8 and under)

What can goalie use?

  • Short goalie stick

  • No goalie stick

  • Two goalie sticks (and two blockers - no catching glove)

For donors not on skates

  • Option to throw any of following at goalie - regular pucks, white pucks, or emoji balls (included)

When facing “Experienced” goalies only

Where does goalie start (breakaways only)

  • Goalie to start in normal goalie stance (included)

  • Start (and stay) in butterfly

  • For following, skater must take at least two (2) strides before shooting

    • Start facing away from skater

    • Start facing away from skater AND in butterfly

    • Start behind the net

What can goalie do?

  • Goalie must stay on skates (no butterfly allowed)

  • Stay completely inside the blue paint

  • Keep one skate on goal line

  • Keep both skates on goal line

What will goalie wear?

  • Eye patch (depth perception is totally overrated!)

  • Glove and blocker on opposite hands

    • Switch from regular to full-right, or vice versa (really, who remembers their right from their left?!!)

  • 3-D glasses (isn’t the world always better in 3-D?)

Specialty Items

These are available on a goalie by goalie basis (talk to station manager):


  • Live rebounds available (rebounds will end if any of the following apply)

    • Puck leaves breakaway area (puck crosses the blue line, goal line or touches the boards) - anything within this boundary is live

    • Goalie freezes puck

    • Time expires


  • Goalie must perform a superman roll before start of breakaway

  • Goalie must perform one (1) push-up before OR after taking the shot

Goalie position

  • Goalie to hold giant bear

  • Goalie to hold small tire

  • Goalie must stay outside of the blue paint

  • Goalie attached to the net (variable resistance levels available)

  • Goalie to mimic skater’s body position at start of breakaway

Goalie “interference”

  • Goalie is screened by goalie or skater

  • Goalie interference by station manager (it’s for charity, so we don’t mind helping out :D)

Even more upgrades?!!

Yes, you can absolutely use multiple upgrades on a single breakaway or series of stationary shots. Talk to station manager about which upgrades are available and best to combine.



Face a goalie, showcase your talent. All the stations are here for you!


Buy in advance, get more bonus chances! May the bonuses be ever in your favor.